4. In what ways do temperature control units differ?

Units are differentiated by whether they operate on water, oil (or glycol). Units using water usually have a maximum outlet temperature of 90 °C or approximately 160 °C for pressurised water units. Units using oil usually have a maximum outlet tempe-rature of approximately 350 °C.
Other criteria differentiating the units include:

  • Units with direct or indirect cooling (separation of cooling and temperature control circuits by cooler).
  • Units with bath heating or forced circulation system. 
  • Single or multiple-circuit units.
  • Temperature control circuits differ in terms of main technical specifications, such as maximum outlet temperature, heat transfer fluid (water or oil), heating capacity, cooling capacity, pump capacity (flow rate and pressure).

Further information: Temperature Control by Means of Fluid Media, 5th Edition, p. 6ff , Section "Temperature Control Units". To order the book, see Answer 21.

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